Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Polish the Mirror—Keep connected with YOUR practice.
We meet an illustrious teacher. We go to a workshop, a teacher training, a retreat, a trip to India or Japan and we come back AGLOW and inspired.  With time the glow dims down.  Old thinking patterns emerge. The 8th Enemy, Doubt, comes to snuff out our faith on the spiritual path and our personal ability to see/be the light.  We start feeling down, weak, and somewhat depressed.

What do we do? Hasten to re-ignite the fire. In three ways:
1--Deepen your practice. Every day. Make it regular. Keep moving (as in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Dance,) meditating, reading, finding what inspires you.  Trust it. Go against your resistance. You will see, feel it.  Keep polishing the mirror.

2—Connect with a sangha. Come out and meet others in a positive group or spiritual environment. You will feel that you are not alone.  Give to others what you want to receive. Support, encouragement. See the light of others and your own light will shine back at you.

3—Become a student again. Sit in class. Find teachers you trust.  It does not have to be one teacher. Connect with teachers who truly inspire you, and also please: stay grounded. Do not project too much stuff on your poor teachers.  They are human. They are not perfect. If they do their job of holding the mirror for you, so you can see/feel your light even for a brief moment, then they are serving their purpose. (Surely, you need to choose well. Choose teachers who are real and ethical. Who practice what they teach.)  If you allow the light of the teacher to reach you, you will feel uplifted. That energy will help you to work off the karma of doubt, resistance, and negativity.  They will help you to see that you are playing out the same karma over and over again in your relationship with your teacher, your lover, your employer, and co-workers. Thus teachers need to help students, and students need to help teachers, so we can wake up together.  In Zen our teachers often remind us: “Stay diligent.”  Please do. All the warmth and glow you are looking for is there! Where? In you, right now. Namaste!