Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Yoga Of Interconnectedness--Lessons from a Dog named Milky!
This cute dog, stray as she was, came and camped out on our land in Mani. She adopted us. In the short time she has been with us she taught me a few things. Lesson One. The Yoga of Interconnectedness: The things we do TOGETHER, and the way we play with EACH OTHER affect our outlook and expression in life. In the morning, sun or rain, Milky and I go for a walk. She jumps and skips with joy, chases birds, barks at clouds. She is exalted. I watched her, and she does not do this when she is alone though she could; she is not leashed or anything so she can run into this wild extravaganza on her own if she wants, but she doesn't. Only when we walk together does she get so happy and expressive, so wild and full of life. Our unspoken connection makes her superbly joyous, and her exuberant joy makes me happy too. This is the yoga of interconnectedness.

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