Monday, December 29, 2014

Our 8 Enemies-Οι 8 Εχθροί μας

Buddha warned: When you set out on your path of knowing your inner self, you will encounter your own enemies:

1) Lions (Pride)—Λιοντάρια (Περηφάνια)
2) Wild Elephants (Ignorance & Delusion)—Άγριοι Ελέφαντες (Άγνοια)
3) Forest Fires (Hatred) –Φωτιές του δάσους (Μίσος, Θυμός)
4) Snakes (Jealousy)—Φίδια (Φθόνος, Ζήλια) 
5) Robbers (Wrong Views, Fanaticism) –Kλέφτες (Κολλημένες απόψεις, Φανατισμός)
6) Prisons (Greed & Miserliness)—Φύλακες (Απληστία & Μιζέρια)
7) Floods (Desire & Attachment)—Πλημμύρες (Επιθυμίες & Προσκολλήσεις)
8) Demons (Doubts)—Δαίμονες (Αμφιβολίες)

In our Abhaya Yoga Workshop at #Armonia this last Saturday, we agreed to invite our enemies in, so we could take a closer look at them. Let us not try to kill our enemies. Let us observe them, with great patience, (and humor). Let us make space for them, try to befriend them. Step by step, let we’ll see what happens. We are on the path anyhow and the only way is forward… Good luck!

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