Friday, December 12, 2014

Poverty or Purna?

The Yoga business is currently booming but soon yoga will be called to play a more active role in society, as there is a widening global crisis that is bound to get worse with global inequality. As yogis we are called to get lighter on our feet, and more open in our hearts. To be more willing to change our minds, and to discover the gift of life even amidst difficult challenges. Maybe we can learn to live in a simpler, less cash demanding way. Maybe we can learn to give more and reach out to connect with other beings more. Connection can give us a true feeling of richness.
With the current situation in Syntagma, the center closes down a lot, and our studio classes are affected.There is space to worry, but last night our studio manager and I just decided to take a walk to Syntagma Square and offer hot tea to the 50+ Syrian refugees who are camping there in protest. A small boy came up and asked my name in very cute and very broken English and then he gave me a kiss, so sweet it made my evening. No, it beautified the whole week for me. True yoga, the yoga of the fearless heart shows us the way to abundance: Purna!

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